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Поставки нашей продукции

We produce poles of any dimensions using various types of impregnation and sorts of preservatives.

Technical description

Standards of manufacture BS144:1990

Russian State Standard GOST 9463-88

Calculated voltage Up to 35 kV
Dimensions Thickness in the upper cut – from 14 cm up to 24 cm

Length: up to 13 m

It is possible to produce individual dimensions

Wood type Pine (Pínus sylvéstris)
Preservative Creosote


Tanalit E

Impregnation depth Up to100 % sapwood

Pine dressed in North regions of Russia under harsh environmental conditions is used for production of goods. Poles manufactured of such wood significantly exceed requirements stipulated by British Standard 144:1990 in respect to strength characteristics and correspondingly have greater lifetime period under various conditions and for different purposes.

Technologies and equipment used for manufacture of poles suppose strict control at each stage of production and ensure high quality of finished goods.