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About plant

We are glad to greet you from the heart of Russia – ancient and gorgeous Ryazan land sang in poems of our countryman Great Russian poet Sergey Esenin with emulous fervor. Ryazan has been glorified by such eminent persons as Ivan Pavlov, academician, scientist-physicist, Nobel Prize winner; Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, founding father of rocketry and astronautics, and many other figures from Ryazan – bright men of science and art.

Our enterprise “Rimwood” is also unique in its own way. It was established in 1884 and being of the same age with such well-known trademarks as General Electric, Daimler-Benz, Bosh, Coca-Cola and Henkel, our plant is a leading brand in Russia with the richest experience in the area of wood impregnation and widest geography of supply.

We are located 180 kilometers south-east from Moscow at the intersection of main road and railway lines. We can efficiently and inexpensively deliver out goods by automobile and railway transports at any destinations including basic ports of Baltic, Black, Caspian and White Seas. Depending on your requests goods will be produced asap and delivered by any means of transportation, in any package to any county of the world.

We produce various dimension types of poles for power and transmission and electrical communication lines, different components for poles and also full range of sleepers and beams for railways. Besides, we manufacture high quality converted timber for building and decorating purposes. We impregnate it to protect from wet rot and firing. We use any sorts of wood needed for our customers.

Uniqueness of our production consists in the fact that we are the only enterprise in Russia which can impregnate wood simultaneously both by creosote and several types of water-borne preservatives.

Respecting our century traditions of qualitative output production, we take good care of our company name being well-known in Russia as well in the world to some generations of builders, assembly workers and engineers.